Modelling Business processes

This certificate focuses on the investigation, modelling, analysis and improvement of business processes. The BCS publication, Business Analysis 3 rd Edition, defines business processes as ‘the means by which an organisation carried out its internal operations and delivers its products and services to its customers’. Candidates are required to appreciate the hierarchy for business processes, and apply business process modelling techniques within a framework for business process improvement. A technique should be examined for each level of the hierarchy.

Areas of Study

  • Identify and model core business processes at an organisational level
  • Identify and model business processes at the process level
  • Identify the events that trigger the business processes
  • Identify the outcomes from the business processes 
  • Model the actors, tasks and process flows that comprise a business process
  • Analyse the tasks within a business process 
  • Identify the business rules applied within tasks 
  • Analyse the performance issues of individual tasks
  • Identify the performance measures applied within a business process
  • Analyse and improve business processes

Course Cost



3 days



  • Course duration:  3 days (including examination)
  • Pre-requisites:  None
  • Examination: taken on course completion.
  • Course Dates:  See Course Schedule

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